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We are experts when it comes to dealing with problems with laptops, no matter the brand or model. If your laptop isn’t behaving properly, give us a call and arrange to bring it into our Northside Workshop for a quick repair.

We will assess any problems with your laptop, give it a good going over checking both the hardware and software for any issues. Our professional technicians have many years of combined experience in the field of electronics and computer maintenance. Chances are, any problem you may have with your laptop is something we have seen and fixed before!

We can perform repairs on just about every laptop out there – from the popular brands such as Acer, Asus, Compaq, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony and Toshiba repairs to the lesser known, specialist brands such as MSI, ROG and Alienware.

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Don’t worry, whatever problem your laptop may have, we’ve probably seen it before and know how to fix it quickly!

We recommend a workshop repair as this keeps the Laptop repair cost to a minimum as we can then multi task and you are quoted a fixed cost for your laptop repair and not an hourly rate for us to sit around waiting for things to finish.

We also offer a free pickup and delivery service for our local service areas but if you would prefer that we come out to you, then simply call (07) 3613 0029 and let us know as we are happy to come out to you.

We also repair a lot of devices that laptop repairers in Brisbane will not attempt to repair due to their experience. Simple things like your dc jack on your laptop is broken and needs replacing, well this is a simple task for an experienced technician “The Electronic Fix” and can be done same day if we have the part in stock. This also applies to LCD screen repairs as we carry most of the common screens in stock for fast turn around times for you, our valued customer.

Laptop Hardware and Software repairs that we offer everyday.

  • Laptop Screen Repairs same day
  • All notebook Touchscreen repairs
  • SSD upgrades to all laptop and notebooks
  • Notebook LCD screen repairs
  • Data Recovery from failed laptop
  • Virus Removal, Malware & Trojan removal
  • Motherboard replacements
  • Liquid Damage Repairs to all makes and models
  • Memory Upgrades
  • Insurance reports, inspections and quotes
  • Corrupt software repairs
  • All hardware upgrades including Memory and SSD drives
  • Hardware repairs
  • Laptop or notebook not turning on or booting to an error screen
  • Blue Screen Of Death, Black screen or screen damaged
  • Laptop, Notebook or touchscreen LCD need repair
  • Laptop or notebook hinges need repair
  • Laptop DC power jack needs replacing
  • Laptop or notebook USB port repairs
  • Laptop always crashing with errors
  • Windows 8 or 10 stop errors
  • laptop performance Painfully slow
  • keyboard not working
  • Faulty keys on keyboard
  • No Boot Device Error Message
  • Laptop upgrades

Our Workshop Notebook and Laptop Repairs service

We find that a workshop repair is the most common type of repair as our customers come from all over Brisbane and even as far as the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast with items that can not be fixed anywhere else.
This repair is the most cost effective as we can multi task other jobs so that we do not just sit with a clock running on your repair, but we rather Quote You A Fixed price so that you know what you are getting and what it is costing.

We do charge a diagnostic Fee of ($69.00) if you do not wish to continue with a repair job after we quote you a repair cost, but this is only if you do not wish to repair your laptop.

Most of our Local Brisbane Northside customers find us on google in the Maps section, where they can read our multiple  (5 STAR) reviews. These reviews are written by customers who leave us good honest reviews about the exceptional, professional and prompt service that we offer.

Our workshop is located on the Northside of Brisbane at shop 5 / 17 Blackwood Street in Mitchelton.

What does it cost to fix my Laptop

Laptop repair costs are a difficult thing to put your finger on. Some places quote a low price but take hours to complete the job and this becomes an expensive repair.

At The Electronic Fix we charge $125 per hour but we do give our customer a fixed price quote so that they know the price will not blow out as time passes and most jobs are completed within one to two hours.

If any hardware parts are needed for the job then this is charged as an additional cost.

We will offer a diagnostic service where we can tell you if it is worth repairing, or just buying a new laptop or computer for that matter. Since we are an honest and reputable business, no need for you to repair something that is not going to last.

You may be eligible for the free pickup and delivery service we offer, please feel free to Contact Us!

For all your laptop repair needs in Brisbane call us on (07) 3613 0029 or contact us via email

Laptop Power Problems

If your laptop is not switching on, then there could be a number of reasons for this behaviour. Faulty charger, faulty Battery, faulty motherboard or a broken DC charging port on the laptop itself.

These are all problems we deal with on a daily basis so just pop into the store and one of our friendly Techs can take a look at your laptop’s problem and provide you with an affordable and fixed price quote. We do motherboard repairs as well, where we strip the laptop and replace the faulty part and it does not cost an Arm & a Leg.

Laptop Keyboard Repairs

Sticky or missing keys? Don’t worry! Our Brisbane-based laptop repairs service is the solution to all of your keyboard problems.

Our keyboard replacement costs run at $100 fitted for most laptop keyboards and we also give a guarantee with this service, this will satisfy customers as well as working machines.

Our keyboard repair service is carried out by qualified, experienced professionals and is suitable for both Mac and Windows machines.

Our laptop keyboard replacement service is quick and convenient. We don’t outsource keyboard repair jobs. And that means you can usually get your machine repaired on the same day.

If we can’t fit you in there and then, we’ll keep the laptop overnight and get it back to you the next day. Just fast, affordable laptop repairs to get you back on your feet when you need them most.

Laptop Overheating Problems

When your laptop is getting hot, then it is best to have someone check over it to see if there are any obvious problems.

The most obvious will be a build up of lint on the cooling fins inside the laptop, this will happen to all laptops over an extended time period. But the good news is, with The Electronic Fix Laptop repair service in Brisbane Australia, this can be easily fixed before any major damage occurs.

We will strip the motherboard from the laptop, remove the heat sink and re grease them and whilst in there we will clean out the fan of any excess lint and junk.

When this is done to your overheating laptop, then, this will extend the life of it for a few more years, saving your money as you do not need to replace your laptop.

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Hard Drive Upgrades

We get a lot of laptops that come in for repair where the hard drive is failing or failed. Sometimes it can be difficult to detect a failing hard drive on a Laptop, Mac or Computer but we have test equipment that will diagnose your hard drive within a few minutes and we can then proceed to the next stage of your repair.

This eliminates the need to re-install operating systems or scan for malware wasting your time and money, we have invested in sophisticated data recovery equipment that speeds up data recovery and repair times of all laptop, Mac and computer repairs.

An option that you should consider if your hard drive needs to be replaced is to install a solid state drive (SSD) as the benefits of doing this are a boost to your computers performance like no other boost.

SSD Costs:

The prices of SSD drives have fallen in recent times so best to call for an updated price.
All prices include your data and application transfer where possible.

  • Fit 128 Gb SSD and install an operating system  POA
  • Fit 256 GB SSD and install an operating system $250
  • Fit 512 GB SSD and install an operating system $320

Brisbane Northside Laptop Repairs.

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If you are unsure if you are eligible for the free pickup and delivery service, please feel free to Contact Us!

For all your laptop repair needs in Brisbane call us on (07) 3613 0029 or contact us via email

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