The Best Macbook Pro Screen Replacement in Brisbane

We understand that after all care and attention you’ve given to keep your Apple MacBook Pro laptop performing as best that it can, its still possible to have unforeseen accidents where your Macbook Pro Front Glass Screen is damaged and in need of replacement. Honestly, we would rather this wasn’t the case, however, if it is, then at least we are glad that you’ve found our Macbook Pro Screen Replacement Service in Brisbane. Because unlike other Apple Mac repairers, we won’t charge you extra just because you are a Mac user.
Apple Macbook Laptop with cracked screen

Why Should You Contact Us for Replacing Your Macbook Pro Screen?

  • We offer you competitive pricing for all MacBook repairs
  • Fast turnaround times. We can replace MacBook screen while you wait
  • Unlike others, we do not use cheap imported parts
  • We offer you 12 months warranty

Transparent Pricing on All MacBook Pro Screen Replacement

Typical cost to repair the newer macbook Air 13″ retina screens

  • A1932 complete screen assembly $550 fitted.
  • A2337 complete screen assembly $550 fitted
  • A2179 complete screen assembly $550 fitted
  • All Screens Come with a 12 Month warranty.

Typical cost to repair the newer macbook pro 13″ retina screens

  • A1708, A1706  complete screen assembly $550 fitted.
  • A1989, A2159, A2251, A2289 complete screen assembly $550
  • A2338 complete screen assembly $600 fitted
  • All Screens Come with a 12 Month Warranty

Do you have a 13″ Retina MBP A1425, A1502 and A1398 ? These models due to age and availability are costly to replace, if you call we can look into finding and quoting the replacement cost.

Non Retina Macbook Pro. Includes parts, labour and 12 month warranty.

  • This is the cost of front glass only repair on older macbook pro A1278 & A1289
  • 13″ MBP front glass cost $119
  • 15″ MBP front glass cost $119
  • 17: MBP front Glass cost $139

The 13″ A1278 LCD can be replaced for as little as $290 fitted with a 12 month warranty
The  15 inch A1286 can also be replaced for $320.

We also do the macbook Air 11″ and 13″ ( A1465 & A1466 )  complete top assembly replacement (new case and screen fitted same day repair) from $300 to $400 fitted.

We understand that all Apple Products are unique and feature power packed equipment and software not found on other types of operating systems like Microsoft Windows. That means, when it comes to fixing Apple Products, its always better you choose qualified experience

Brisbane’s Macbook Pro Screen Repair Experts

At The Electronic Fix, can perform all types of Macbook repairs from broken or cracked front screens to replacing LCD screens. We also repair logic-boards with graphics chip problems. Once again, all our work comes with 12 month warranty to give you a peace of mind. Simply call (07) 3613 0029. Or visit us at our store in Mitchelton