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Professional Laptop, Mac and PC Computer Repairs

We can repair or upgrade any of your laptop, mac or computers for affordable prices with excellent service and guarantees.

We offer the following Computer Repair services:

  • Computer Repairs
  • Laptop repairs
  • Mac repairs
  • Macbook Pro Liquid damage repairs
  • Macbook Air Liquid damage repairs
  • Laptop screen repairs
  • Virus removal
  • Data recovery
  • Notebook repairs

Laptop Repairs Brisbane

If you have recently taken the Windows 10 upgrade and like many people are having issues with your laptop or computer not functioning as it used to then give us a call and get this sorted out, you have 30 days in which to roll back (revert to your old operating system).   If your Laptop is not up to scratch and you need fast efficient laptop repairs then we are your go to guys.
Your Laptop not booting or stuck in a loop at the Windows logo, this is something that we come across on a regular basis and we have all the fixes. For all of your hardware and software issues just give us a call for some free advice or help.


Laptop Repairs Brisbane
We repair all of the following Laptop and Notebook issues for any make or model.

  • Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)?
  • Win 8 or 10 stop errors
  • Laptop running slow
  • Keyboard not working or keys broken
  • No boot device error message?
  • Laptop DC Jacks replaced or repaired with quick repair times
  • Laptop screen repairs
  • Hard drives replaced and windows loaded
  • Notebook screen repairs
  • Data recovery
  • liquid damaged laptop
  • Virus removal
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Mac Computer Repairs Brisbane

For all your MacBook and iMac repairs we are your local Mac expert repair shop. We are mac specialists and our turnaround times on repairs are 2nd to none. We offer logicboard repairs especially for liquid damage MacBook laptops and we have an excellent success rate, so if you have had a spill of late and need your mac up and running again then give us a call or drop into our store to have a chat.

If you are in need of upgrades or repairs then call us first for free advice and expert help for all your mac or iMac problems we have all the answers.
If you have a newer A1419 / A1418 iMac and need ram or solid state upgrades then we have you covered as this is something we do on a daily basis.

Have you had a liquid spill on your MacBook laptop? If so then the 1st thing to do is open the laptop and place the keyboard on a towel to try and drain the liquid out of the laptop. The last thing you need to do is to turn the laptop on or plug in the charger as this will cause irreversible damage to the logic board.
If you have had a liquid spill then take this to someone to open and clean up the damage as leaving this and powering on will end with you needing to buy a new  $1800 laptop, where a simple ultrasonic bath could save you thousands.Mac Computer repairs brisbane northside

  • Mac running slow
  • Hard drive making noises
  • Apple SSD blade drive data recovery
  • Stuck on the apple logo
  • Hard drive upgrades
  • White screen
  • Black screen (no backlight)
  • Liquid damage board repairs
  • Mac boots then shuts down
  • Keyboard not responding
  • Hear apple chime then black screen
  • Not switching on
  • Green light Not charging
  • Keyboard not working
  • Virus or Malware removal
  • Data recovery or drive directory rebuilds
  • Macbook liquid damaged repairs
  • Graphics chip repairs
  • Insurance reports
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Laptop Screen Repairs Brisbane

Have you broken or cracked your laptop LCD screen? There is no need to replace your laptop when you can have the screen replaced from as little as $190 fitted for most laptop models.

We have fast turnaround times for all laptop screen repairs, Notebook screen repairs and also MacBook screen repairs. We keep a lot of the more common screens as stock items to ensure that you are up and running with minimal downtime.
For all Macbook Pro and Macbook air LCD repairs contact us for quick turnaround times.

We repair all makes and models from, HP, Toshiba, Sony, Acer, Asus, Samsung, Lenovo, Compaq, NEC and all Apple makes and models. We can offer same day turnaround on all standard HD LCD screens and for the harder to find screens a next day turnaround, So don’t throw it out when you can have it fixed for a fraction of the cost of a replacement laptop. We also do hinge and screen related repairs for all notebook, laptop and MacBooks, so before your replace let us have a look at the damage as it costs nothing for us to assess the damage and quote a repair cost.

laptop screen lcd repairs brisbane northside


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Data Recovery Brisbane

For fast, efficient and economical Data recovery give us a call and get a free diagnostics test done on your hard drive while you wait. We have invested in top of the range data recovery and diagnostics hardware which saves us time and you money.

If your Laptop, Notebook, Macbook, External or Internal hard drive is in need of repair or data recovery then we are the people to talk to.
We can diagnose your hard drive issue and give a report within a few minutes of receiving it and we are so quick that you can wait for the diagnostic report so that you know straight away what your options are.

mac data recovery brisbane northside


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Virus Removal Brisbane

Does your Laptop or Mac have popup ads, virus infections or other types of malware, this is something that we remove on a daily basis and we are experts at virus removal.
If you have problems with malware, spyware, trojans and other viruses we can remove them for a fixed price of $125.00 for infected Laptops and computers.Adware removal brisbane northside


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Our aim is to always provide a great friendly service at an affordable price, on all laptop brands from AcerAsus, Compaq, Dell,  HP, IBM, Toshiba, Lenovo, NEC, Sony, and Apple.

We have solutions for all problems and our fast response time means you are without your computer for as little time as possible.

We can pickup and deliver to all local Brisbane areas      CALL US NOW.

We work with all sorts of computer issues every day.  So if you have a problem we love to fix it! If you give us a call we will happily pick up your laptop or computer and also arrange to return it. Our job is to find the problem, fix it and get your computer back to you asap.

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If you have problems with data we can setup data backup solutions. We can also restore data to a computer if loss of data occurs.

If you have a new Laptop or PC we can save you loads of time by getting our experienced technicians to transfer all your programs and backup everything for you.

We can perform any computer and laptop repairs including:

  • Dead computer revival
  • Data backup
  • Data recovery
  • new computer setup
  • Basic computer training
  • Software reloads
  • Tune up for slow computers
  • Out of warranty Mac and iMac repairs
  • Internet setup
  • Laptop repairs
  • Laptop LCD repairs
  • PC Upgrades
  • Network setup issues
  • Insurance quotes
  • Virus removal
  • spyware removal

For all your Computer repairs, Laptop repairsMac repairsLaptop Screen repairsiphone, ipad and ipod repairs call us on (07) 3613 0029 or contact us via email

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