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Typical Faults that we repair:

Red Ring Of Death
This is a common problem with the original XBOX 360.
The cause of this was the move from lead based solder to a lead free solder which is a silver based product. Unfortunately, this solder tends to crack after a while due to the heat cycle of the GPU and CPU inside the Xbox causing dry joints under the chip.  Most times a reflow will take care of this issue.
We use infra red heating to do the reflow. To a set profile, some techs just get out the heat gun and if used incorrectly, these devices will render your box useless.

Disc Not Reading or the Open Tray Error
This fault is another very common problem with the Xbox360. These problems are normally related to the laser and are easily repaired by realigning the laser, replacing the laser or replacing the whole dvd.

DVD Tray Stuck or not Ejecting
If the tray is stuck this is normally a misalignment on the DVD gearing and the drive will need to be stripped to setup the gears correctly.
If the drive does not eject the disc then this problem is mechanical failure of the drive and a new drive will be required.

No Display But You Can Hear Audio
This can be repaired by reflowing the GPU chip and other chips associated with the graphics output.

Error E84 and E86
These errors are normally due to Hard disk errors. An easy way to test  this is to remove your hard drive and switch on  if the error disappears then replace the hard disk.

We are Brisbane’s experts when it comes to Xbox Repairs!
We have spare parts in stock for the dvd drive and also new dvd drives if required.
Don’t worry if your dvd has totally died we can revive this by reading the KV area of the Nand and then spoof this or flash this key information back to a new drive.
We can flash to the latest firmware and we sell the rare kreon dvd drives at a good price.


PS3 Repairs Brisbane, Playstation 3 Repairs, Playstation 4 (PS4) Repairs. 

PS3 not Reading Discs
This can be due to a laser mis-alignment or faulty laser and the repair will require a new laser.

No Video or Black Screen
Once again this is similar to the ylod or is a partial ylod, A reflow of the board is necessary but, if unsuccessful, then a new motherboard is required.

PS3 Dead. No Power
This fault is normally related to the power supply, the power supply does have ceramic fuses but if these blow then there is more to the problem and will need further investigation. If necessary we can fit a new power supply or look at what is or has caused the problem.

Data Recovery
We can recover your hard drive data and install it onto a new drive if required.

Error HDD faulty
If your console goes to an error screen that tells you to reformat your drive and after the format the same message appears, then you have a hard drive failure and will require a new drive.

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