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Smartphones in almost every pocket, our laptop computers is also an integral part of our lives. Usually, when laptop devices experiences issues, we search popular search engines like Google for laptop repairs near me in Aspley Brisbane, Queensland. Here at The Electronic Fix, we understand the importance of getting your laptop back to you working as soon as possible, that is why, we have efficient processes in place including stocking common laptop parts for replacement should need arise.

Whatever the model of laptop computer ‘Asus, HP, Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Microsoft, Google Chromebook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air’ or others, rest assured in knowing we can most certainly fix it, and do so promptly.

Also, you’ll enjoy our competitively priced service rates that come with upfront quotes ensuring you’ll know exactly what the issue is, and how much it will cost before repairing your laptop.

Our philosophy has always been and still is “treat ever laptop computer problem as if we are fixing our own laptop device”. Our business prides on honesty, best value for money and friendly service.

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Whether your laptop needs a new LCD display, SSD drive, RAM upgrade, new battery, or laptop part replacement, The Electronic Fix is here to help. We offer all our valued customers with fastest turnaround times for all repairs. Furthermore, our vast experience allows us to say “your laptop device will be in the most knowledgeable hands for troubleshooting and repairing laptop devices”.

We are able to fix all issues and all laptop models from leading manufacturers so that you never have to search for best laptop repairs near me in Aspley.

  • Onsite Service / Repair / Upgrades
  • Computer Virus / Malware / Spyware removal
  • Data Retrieval. Data Backup
  • Laptop Part Replacement
  • Software installation, upgrades, or fix Windows driver issues
  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Laptop Battery Repairs or Replacement
  • All Apple Mac Products repaired including iPad, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air
  • Out of warranty service
  • Internet. Wireless Connections. Router Issues
  • New Custom Build Systems

We Mean What We Say for Apple Mac Repairs in Aspley

When is comes Mac repairs, your beloved Apple laptop is in good hands because we can service it promptly.

I took my MacBook in after I had dumped a full cup of coffee into it and Apple told me that they couldn’t recover anything and I needed a new computer.

After buying a new computer I took my old one into The Electronic Fix to see if they could recover my stuff. Thankfully, they were able to get into the computer recover everything and put it onto an external hard drive for me!

All I can say is, if your Apple computer doesn’t work and Apple say you need a new one, take it to these guys before you spend thousands of $$, chances are they can fix it!

Great people, great pricing, local business! Cannot recommend them enough! I’ll be going back if I ever have anymore computer issues!

Do keep in mind that unlike other laptop repairers in Brisbane, we can actually fix issues on internal components such as motherboard as well. This means, in certain cases, you may actually not need part replacement. One way or another, we can fix almost any problem imaginable for your laptop device.

  • Apple Mac upgrades. iMac Repairs
  • MacBook Pro / MacBook Air
  • MacBook screen replacement
  • Macbook Pro keyboard issues or water damage
  • MacBook battery replacement

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