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We are experts when it comes to dealing with Mac repairs Brisbane, if you are having problems with Apple Mac Devices, no matter the device or year of manufacture. If your Mac isn’t behaving properly, give us a call and arrange to bring it into our Northside Workshop for a quick repair.

We will assess any problems with your Mac, give it a good going over checking both the hardware and software for any issues. Our professional technicians have many years of combined experience in the field of electronics and computer maintenance. Chances are, any problem you may have with your Mac is something we have seen and fixed before!

We can perform repairs on just about every Apple device out there – from the popular devices such as Macbook Pro laptops to the iMac desktop.
Don’t worry, whatever your problem may be, we’ve probably seen it before and know how to fix it!
We recommend a workshop repair as this keeps the repair cost to a minimum as we can then multi task and you are quoted a fixed cost for your repair and not an hourly rate for us to sit around waiting for things to finish.

We also offer a free pickup and delivery service for our local service areas but if you would prefer that we come out to you then just call and let us know as we are happy to come out to you.

We repair a lot of devices that others will not attempt to repair just simple things like your Graphics card on your iMac, well this is a simple task for an experienced technician and can be done as a next day repair . We also offer logic board repairs to component level as we do get a lot of liquid damaged devices in for repair.
So the next time you are told your mac is liquid damaged by Apple or a Computer repair shop, then you are best running it into us for a board level repair.

Then Give Us A Call! We are Brisbane’s Apple laptop repair experts! We are able to fix all of these problems quickly, effectively and professionally!

All Apple Mac Out Of Warranty Repairs

We can do all out of warranty repairs on your apple devices, even the ones that other Mac repair shops in Brisbane won’t touch like graphics chip reflows, broken USB ports, liquid damage and Mac Mini repairs.
Give us a call we can repair most graphics card faults by removing the card and repairing the faulty components.*
Not only are we proficient in Macbook repairs, but we are also very experienced in Mac upgrades.

Macbook pro, Macbook Air and the Macbook Pro Retina Battery issues.

We do replace any faulty battery on all Apple Macbook laptops and we also keep stock for super fast turn around times on this repair.
If you need to know how to check your battery to verify that it is OK or needs to be replaced or serviced then follow this tutorial on how to check your macbook battery.
The typical cost of a Battery replacement ranges from

  • A1278 macbook pro @ $149
  • A1286 Macbook pro @ $189
  • A1466 Macbook Air @ $149
  • A1502 macbook Pro @ $280
  • A1398 Macbook Pro @ $280

Apple Mac Hardware and Software Services that we offer.

  • Mac not turning on
  • Cracked or broken screen
  • Laptop Overheating
  • Mac has no video output
  • white screen at boot time
  • pixelated graphics on screen
  • keyboard failure
  • Touchpad problems
  • Keyboard not responding
  • Grey Screen at start up
  • Liquid Spill
  • Mac shutting down randomly
  • Broken case or hinges
  • Macbook not charging
  • Hard drive problems
  • Broken USB, audio or video port
  • Mac boots then shuts down in a loop
  • Beep errors fixed

Our Workshop Mac Repair service

We find that a workshop repair is the most common type of repair as our customers come from all over Brisbane and even as far as the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast with items that can not be fixed anywhere else.
This repair is the most cost effective as we can multi task other jobs so that we do not just sit with a clock running on your repair, but we rather Quote You A Fixed price so that you know what you are getting and what it is costing.
We do charge a diagnostic Fee of ($69.00) if you do not wish to continue with a repair job after we quote you a repair cost, but this is only if you do not wish to repair your iMac or Mac laptop.

Most of our Local Brisbane Northside customers find us on google in the Maps section, where they can read our multiple  (5 STAR) reviews. These reviews are written by customers who leave us good honest reviews about the exceptional, professional and prompt service that we offer.
Our workshop is located on the Northside of Brisbane at shop 5 / 17 Blackwood Street in Mitchelton.

What does it cost to fix my Mac

Mac repair costs are a difficult thing to put your finger on. Most places look at the device and think we cant fix this laptop or desktop as they have little or no knowledge of Apple hardware or software.
At The Electronic Fix we charge $125 per hour but we do give our customer a fixed price quote so that they know the price will not blow out as time passes and most jobs are completed within one to two hours.
If any hardware parts are needed for the job then this is charged as an additional cost.
We do have fixed prices for certain repairs like Battery replacement Cost or hard drive upgrades, So give us a call or send us an email for a fixed price.

Due to the fact that we do so many Apple repairs we can normally give the customer an indication of the repair cost over the phone. The cost to repair any apple device is always cheaper than buying a new device and most places will write off your apple mac without even knowing if repairable or not as they have no knowledge of how they work.


For all your Mac repair needs in Brisbane call us on (07) 3613 0029 or contact us via email

Professional Mac Repairs and Upgrades


Graphics chip and kernal panic repairs

We repair the faults that are not so common, like Graphic chip faults, which unfortunately are a common issue with the earlier apple product range. The 2011 models in particular had a recall in place for 5 years due to graphics chip failures. We can repair the 15″ and 17″ Macbook pro and also the iMac graphics chip problems with a 24 hr turn around on this repair.
The cost of this repair is $250 and comes with a warranty.

Liquid damaged Macbook Pro and Macbook Air LogicBoard Repairs

At The Electronic Fix we also do liquid damage / clean ups to all apple mac laptop logic boards, this process is done using professional  SMD repair equipment to remove and replace faulty components then cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaning bath to remove any liquid or debris from under the SMD microchips on the logicboard, thus preventing problems later on from bad solder joints.
There are very few repair shops that have this type of equipment for repairing logicboards and this is the 1st step to a successful repair.
Most often we get customers coming to us with liquid damaged macs that will not switch on, they have been told to buy a new one as it is beyond economical repair BUT FEAR NOT FOR THIS IS A MYTH, contact us at The electronic Fix for all of your Apple mac device repairs. 

We can recover your data from the SSD drive if you require this in a hurry or we can repair your logicboard so that data recovery is not required.
If you have a dead logicboard and need the data recovered from your machine, be it a conventional drive or an apple SSD drive then come see us and we will recover your data for you for a very low cost and then we can get on with the job of repairing your dead logicboard.

Mac Power Problems

If your iMac is not switching on, then there could be a number of reasons for this behaviour. Faulty power unit, faulty motherboard or if it is a Macbook Pro a broken DC charging port on the laptop itself.

These are all problems we deal with on a daily basis so just pop into the store and one of our friendly Techs can take a look at your problem and give you a fixed price quote on a repair for your problem. We strip the Mac and replace the faulty part and it does not cost an Arm & a Leg.


Mac Air & Pro Same day keyboard replacement for $220.

Some of your keyboards keys not working?
Spilt something into the keyboard?
To replace the keyboard on your MacBook Pro can take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours depending on which model you have.
At The Electronic Fix we offer a keyboard replacement service.

We do the right thing by removing the old metal rivets and replacing them with screws ensuring that you have a 100% fully functional keyboard and not one that sits loose inside the case.
Just give us a call to book it in and we can remove and replace your keyboard for you, but unfortunately it does take a bit of planning.
we also repair the older A1278 and A1286 Macbook pro keyboards and let us not forget the A1466 and A1465 Macbook Air also.

Front Glass Replacement for older 13″ and 15″ Macbook pro’s

Need your front glass screen on your Macbook Pro replaced because it has cracked? then we are the “go to” guys. We do this repair in our workshop within 30 mins and offer a 12 month warranty on parts and labour.

Macbook Pro 15″ non retina front glass replacement cost is only $159 fitted inclusive of GST.

Macbook Pro 13″ non retina front glass replacement cost is only $149 fitted inclusive of GST.

We Stock the A1502 & A1425 Retina display assembly and fit these same day!

Mac screen repairs for newer Retina Models.

If you have broken your LCD or are having issues with the white screen on your laptop then our friendly staff are here to assist you.
We keep stocked on all LCD screens required for your mac and can have this repair done for you for under $290.
We also stock the front glass for 13″ Macbook Pro non retina which we can fix for the low price of $149 and the 15″ for $159 Both of these repairs we can complete within the hour.

Please NOTE those Macbook pro Retina Display owners looking to replace the glass, this requires a complete top case assembly which is the metal case and glass display and this repair runs at approximately $730 fitted with our 12 month warranty.

We can also supply and fit the complete top half assembly on your Macbook Air.
Call or Email Us to book in your repair

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