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Electronic Fix we don’t only service laptops and computers for Brisbane but can also repair your iPads, as well as other iDevices. Our great services are carried out by experienced professionals, so you can have peace of mind that your iDevice will be returned to you in mint condition.

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iPhone screen repairs starting from $80 To $149.

Need to get your cracked or smashed iPhone screen fixed in a hurry then call into our store for fast repairs and great prices. We currently repair the following iPhones

  • Iphone 5g @ $80
  • iPhone 5s @ $80
  • iPhone 6g @ $100
  • iPhone 6+ @ $149

We also replace the iPhone batteries from $49 to $69 fitted.

iPad 1/2/3/4 screens repaired just $139

No matter what generation or capacity you iPad is (excluding iPad Mini), our iPad screen repairs in Brisbane will always cost the same. This is because all of the iPad’s use exactly the same digitizers.

We are also able to replace faulty dock / charger connectors on the iPad for just a fraction of the cost of complete replacement. We always have spare iPad parts in stock so that any replacement services that you require will be done quickly, without having to wait for new parts to come in.

iPod touch 4 screen repair just $80

We provide excellent iPod repair services in Brisbane. Whether it is a broken LCD or Digitizer to damaged logic boards and hard drives, we have the skills and experience needed to successfully replace these important components.
Not only can we replace the important components that are essential to the operation of the device, but we can also perform cosmetic repairs. This includes front and rear covers as well as buttons and clickwheels!

iPod Classic repairs from just $89

The ipod classics are a vintage piece of technology but have been superseded by the newer touch models. These classic devices have things like 160GB storage capacity and that is a lot of songs or movies to store in one place, the battery life is endless with days of charge in a tiny unit.
We replace batteries in these units for $89 fitted and this will bring your listening time back to original. If you are having difficulties with the headphone jack only playing on one side then this is a quick fix as we keep all of these parts in stock for fast turnaround times for our customers.

Repair or replace your iPod classic 6th or 7th generation hard drive with newer technology, 512Gb as a max capacity using SSD drives this will more than double the capacity of your existing iPod. It also will extend the battery life due to the low power consumption of the SSD, and the life of your hard drive will now be extended as there is less chance of damaging the drive or getting bad sectors, which is a common issue with the older conventional drive.

Typical prices for iPod repairs are

  • 128GB SSD  @ $225
  • 256Gb SSD  @ $325
  • 160GB standard hard drive @ $310
  • New Battery fitted  @ $89
  • New headphone jack fitted @ $89
  • New front face and click wheel  @ $89
  • New lcd screen assembly  @  $99

We provide a thorough and prompt repair and replacement service with same day turnaround on most jobs. Call us to book your iPod in for Express service.

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