Laptop Keyboard Repairs Brisbane

Are the keys on your Laptop Keyboard not working? We do laptop keyboard repairs Brisbane wide, any make any model, new keyboards fitted while you wait.

Here are a few things to try to determine if the problem is software or hardware related.

  • Plug in a usb keyboard from any pc and if everything works then the problem is a mechanical fault with the keyboard.
  • If still not working then look for any programs that have been installed recently, then use your system restore points to take the laptop back to a time when it may have worked.
  • Go into device manager, find the keyboard and uninstall the drivers then restart and your pc should install the drivers again.

Sometimes you will have multiple keys not working and this is a cheap and simple repair, replace the keyboard with a new one as keyboards are a sealed unit and can not be opened for repair.

Most laptop keyboards are straightforward to exchange but all have different methods of removal, some with hidden screws or clips and, if not done correctly, can damage the laptop physically.  Once the keyboard is out, then just releasing the ribbon cable from it’s connector is all that is required and the keyboard is out.

laptop keyboard removed from a Laptop

With the Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air things are not so straight forward. The laptop has to be stripped out completely to allow access to the keyboard, once you get to the keyboard care must be taken not to damage the keyboards backlight, which completely covers the laptop.

After removing the back light assembly there are some 50+ screws to remove before freeing the keyboard for replacement. Fit the new keyboard, put the screws back in, fit the back light assembly, reassemble the Macbook and you are done.

Have a look at the picture below this is what a Macbook pro looks like before the keyboard is to be taken out. Note that there is nothing really left inside the Mac as everything has been taken out to access the keyboard and there are many steps to get to this point so it is not advised you do this yourself.
plastic under laptop keyboard area
The black plastic has to be peeled back and under this is a white plastic which is used to supply the back light for your keyboard. This has to be carefully removed so there is no tears on the plastic.

Below is an image which shows the back light assembly being removed from the keyboard.
back assembly removed from a laptop keyboard
Here is an image of just some of the screws that are found on the keyboard.

In each red circle is a screw and this is just about 10% of the keyboard shown in the picture there is still so many more!   So it’s not advised users do this themselves. Instead bring it to us at the Electronic Fix and our trained techs will get this job done for you in no time.

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