Brisbane Data Recovery Service

Brisbane Data Recovery – No Data – No Fee

At The Electronic Fix we are your data recovery experts on the Brisbane Northside with a No Data No Fee policy for all jobs we undertake. Having said that, we have the right equipment needed to test your hard drive on the spot and give you a fast analysis of the condition of the hard drive and a quote on the cost to recover your data.

We can recover from bad sectors or failed electronic circuit boards and we can test any drive from any laptop / computer manufacturer. Because our Technicians have A+ certification for hardware and software as well as qualified in the Electrical, Electronic and I.T. areas means that whatever the data type (be it cherished family photos, important work documents or others) we can most likely recover it.

Hard Disk Drive analysis software showing data sectors source code

What causes your data or hard drive to become corrupt?

Most hard drives will at some stage in their lives fail, this is because they are mechanical devices and over time will wear and inevitably fail.

The internal components of a hard drive, although they look quite basic, are in fact very complex, considering that the disk is rotating at speeds of up to 7000 rpm and data is written in binary (1’s and 0’s) or (high and low) using magnetism as the basis for writing and reading data.
Data recovery is required when your laptop or PC hard drive has a critical failure or software errors make your drive unreadable.

Causes of Data Loss

  • Accidental deletion
  • Factory restore accidentally
  • Windows install gone wrong
  • Bad sectors on the drive
  • Damaged or failing heads
  • Corrupt file system
  • System format
  • Removing drive before ejecting
  • Power spikes or fluctuations

My Hard Drive is Not Working What Should I Do?

The first thing to do is switch off the computer as continuing to use the computer can potentially loose more data or damage the hard drive further. The first thing we will do is make an image of the drive on specialised equipment and only then will we start the recovery process.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do Not Try To Recover This Yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You will only make the recovery process more difficult, and if the drive has problems with the heads, you could damage the platters of the disk making it impossible to recover anything from the drive.

We will make a binary copy of your hard disk to a new disk before attempting any data recovery, this reduces the risk of further data loss due to stressing the drive that is already failing.  We have specialised equipment to carry out the imaging of your damaged drive which gives us a status report on the current condition of the hard drive.

We can also do board level repairs to the electronic circuit boards that are attached to your drive, we have the tools to swap Rom chips when replacing a circuit board or even replace diodes where required.

Data Recovery Costs:

  1. Simple Partition Recovery – $150
  2. Deleted File Recovery – $200
  3. Damaged or Failing Drive – $250 – $500

Possible Hard Drive Errors or Fault Conditions

  • Drive accidentally formatted
  • malware corruption
  • Bad sectors on disk
  • corrupt firmware
  • boot problem from corrupt windows
  • drive failing from old age
  • SSD data recovery
  • USB data recovery
  • Apple data recovery
  • Drive makes a beep sound
  • Does not spin up sounds dead
  • Hard Disk Drive clicking
  • Power spike to external drive
  • power surge damaged PC board
  • computer boot error now nothing
  • Computer slow now not starting
  • Need data transferred
  • Solid State Drive data recovery

We have the equipment onsite to quickly test a faulty hard drive and give you a clear direction with a way forward to data recovery in Brisbane.

This is a free diagnostic service and we can then advise on the best action to take to recover your data. Located on the Northside of Brisbane at  Shop 5 / 17 Blackwood Street, Mitchelton you can drop off your hard drive for us to diagnose.

If you think your hard drive or SSD drive is faulty, visit our store for a quick assessment and we can provide you with professional advice and recommendation.

We Recover Data from Failed Hard Drives, Solid State Drives USB Drives and Phones

Sure there are plenty of cheap data recovery software applications out there but this will normally do more damage to the drive as it will most likely have multiple bad sectors or firmware issues and this is where the drive just can not be read.

So by running these scans on your hard drive you are making it more difficult to retrieve the data as a physically damaged drive should only be accessed on the lower level and not via windows.

If the damage to your HDD is physical and a clean room is required, then the recovery cost can increase significantly as the cost of a clean room recovery runs at $900 upwards depending on the problem.

Recovering your data from a failing hard drive

If your drive has bad sectors then care must be taken not to loose any more sectors as this is where your valuable Data lives, our advanced equipment is designed to repair and recover drives with bad sectors and 90% of the time we can recover your data for a small fee compared to other recovery service providers in Brisbane or Australia.

The 1st step in the process is to identify the problem and this can not be done at your premises, so bringing it to us lets us diagnose the issues and then quote you a price. The cost to recover your data from a damaged drive can range from $250 to $350 depending on the amount of damage to your drive.

In a lot of cases your Microsoft windows installation is corrupt, then the recovery cost is even less as there is no physical damage to worry about, all of this for Free as we do not charge a fee for the diagnostic service.

Laptop Data Recovery – recovering data from a broken computer or Mac

Do you just need your data from your Laptop, Computer, Notebook or even your Mac has failed and you just need the data then we can recover this data for you. In some cases, we like to repair the device and let the customer recover his / her own data.

The liquid damaged macbook air or pro retina is a classic example of this, where apple refers the customer to a recovery business in the city @ $800 recovery from a working drive and repairing the logic board for $250 allows the customer to use their laptop as if nothing ever happened and this has happened 100 times already. Avoid hefty fee’s for data recovery solutions in Brisbane. Call (07) 3613 0029 instead

If it is an SSD drive M.Sata or apple blade drive, do not worry because we have the adapters to plug your drive into and recover the valuable data to an external source when required.