Computer Repairs Ferny Grove

Are you looking for an experienced professional computer repairer to fix all your computer repairs Ferny Grove? We can check your computer on the spot and fix or collect your computer in Ferny Grove and deliver is back to you. With over 30 years experience you can be assured we have seen your problem before.

As we are working from our premises why would we charge you for hours sitting at your home while it may just be a scan running? Saving you time and money!

Computer Repairs Ferny Grove

Unlike some of our competitors for computer repairs Ferny Grove in the area, we have a shop front in Mitchelton, which you are welcome to come and say hi. We also like to give you a fixed price if we can for labour and hardware. And not charge you by the hour.

Electronic Device Repair Equipment

Rarely some computers are uneconomical to repair so why would we charge you a fee for something not worth repairing? Well we don’t!

Experiencing any of the following computer problems in Ferny Grove?

For your entire Computer repairs in Ferny Grove we have you covered.

Lost Data or Files Ferny Grove

Are you having trouble reading your data or files from your hard drive? Have you bumped your hard drive and its making a clicking sound? Pop it into our shop and we can diagnose for you at no cost.

We have specialized data recovery equipment, which can test your hard drive in no time at all. We will give you a fixed price for data recovery if required. We will not charge you if the data cannot be retrieved as our equipment does all the testing work for us.

Laptop repairs Ferny Grove

As we are a shop front we do carry stock for most common laptop and computer repairs. We not only repair Computers but also most makes and models of Laptop or Notebooks. We can do Any repairs from hard drive upgrades to SSD drives to data recovery. We have the solutions to all of your Computing problems and we are just a phone call away. Most common laptops we deal with are Toshiba, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, Asus, HP, Dell and many more.

We do DC Jack repairs to Virus and spyware removal. And even hinge repairs.

Is your computer not charging? Bring it in with your charger and we can test it to see if its just your charger that is the problem.

Liquid Damaged Laptops & Macbooks Ferny Grove

Have you accidently spilt liquid on your computer or laptop? Make sure you Switch if off as soon as you can and put your laptop with the keyboard facing down to try and remove as much of the liquid as you can from the electronic parts. If you can remove the battery do so in order to stop the power going to the electronics. Bring it in as soon as possible as we have a very good success rate with liquid damaged items. We have an ultrasonic cleaning bath, which restores electronics back working condition if caught early. If all else fails check with your insurance company for a possible claim.

Macbook, Mac mini, Imac Repairs Ferny Grove

If you need your Macbook, iMac or Mac mini repaired then this is something that we specialise in, and no job is to big or to small.  Anything from a dead to a non-responsive Mac to more complex issues like Graphics chip repairs for those pixalated or black screens. No appointment required, simply pop into our shop in Blackwood Street, Mitchelton for a quote.

Virus Removal, Pop Ups, Ferny Grove

Are you getting annoying pop ups and adds? Bring your computer in and we can check it and remove the Adware or viruses for you. We can also install antivirus software for you making sure you keep those viruses at bay.

Insurance Reports Ferny Grove

If you require an insurance report for your liquid damaged laptop or computer or power surge, we can help. Having worked in the insurance industry we know what details insurance companies are looking for and can have the report done and even emailed off to your insurance company saving you time and enabling your claim to be processed quicker.

illustration of a Laptop Computer next to a map of Ferny Grove Brisbane Queensland

We will come to your premises, but give us a call to ensure availability. We don’t charge a call out fee and if we can’t fix it, you don’t pay!

For all your Computer repair needs in Ferny Grove call us on (07) 3613 0029 or contact us via email.