Toshiba Laptop repair

Toshiba Laptop Repairs Brisbane

Toshiba Laptop Repairs Brisbane
At the Electronic Fix we Specialise in All Out Of Warranty Toshiba laptop repair and have a fast turnaround time for all repairs.

If your Toshiba laptop is still within the Manufacturers Warranty then we will recommend that you contact Toshiba to check your Coverage.

If you have a problem with your Toshiba Laptop then we have a solution as there is not much that we have not seen with regards to laptop faults anything from:

  • Hard drive upgrades
  • Software upgrades
  • Memory upgrades
  • Faulty keyboards
  • Plugged in not charging fault
  • DC jack repairs
  • Broken LCD screen repairs
  • Broken hinge repair
  • Liquid damage repairs
  • Virus removal
  • Data recovery
  • Bottom case damage
  • Laptop Overheating problems

Get your Toshiba laptop fixed fast by experts in the area of laptop repairs, We have fast turnaround times and will give you a fixed price on the repair.
If You have liquid spills onto your laptop here is what to do:

  • Unplug your laptop from the charger if connected.
  • Turn the laptop over and remove the battery if possible
  • open the laptop and lay it on some paper towels or similar to remove excess liquid.
  • Take it to a professional to have the laptop opened and cleaned out.
  • DO NOT think it is dry now and SWITCH IT ON as this could potentially destroy the motherboard and laptop.

Toshiba laptop Not Charging
Does your Toshiba laptop not charge or power on?

This is a common failure point on the Toshiba laptop, We get customers telling us that it is the battery and can we supply a new one, but it is actually the DC charging jack that is faulty. At the Electronic Fix we will test your charger and battery for free $0.00 thats right no cost, So if you are having issues with your Toshiba laptop not switching on bring it in and we can help for free.

Toshiba Laptop LCD Repairs

If you have cracked or broken your LCD screen then this is something that we repair  the normal turnaround for this service is next day, if we have stock then it is a 30 minute repair time. We also do hinge repairs to the Toshiba Laptop as this is a common fault but a very repairable one.

Toshiba Laptop Overheating

Is your Toshiba Laptop  getting hot or overheating and shutting down?  If this is the case then we would advise that you  have this serviced by professional repair technician.
We will strip the laptop down to the motherboard then remove all lint and dust from the heat sink, whilst doing this we replace the old thermal compound with new to enhance the cooling of the laptop.
This is a must do maintenance task for most laptop owners as this fault will normally cause irreparable damage to the motherboard.

This information has been brought to you by The Electronic Fix Located in Brisbane, Australia. For help with your Out Of Warranty Toshiba Laptop or computer in Brisbane call 07 3613 0029 or email us today

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