DC Power Jack Repair

When your Laptop will not charge or switch on, we can help with dc power jack repair.

The most common reason we get laptops from customers for DC power jack repair is when the laptop refuses to switch on as it has no power to charge the battery.

Very costly mistakes usually are:

  • buy a new battery (The laptop can run without a battery) $120 +
  • Purchase a new charger but still no fix. $120 +

We can test your charger and battery for FREE, just bring it in and save yourself some money.

When the jack is no longer allowing power to charge, or power on the laptop, then the DC power jack will need to be replaced.

This is not as bad as it sounds and does not cost a lot to repair. Our low price to fix DC Power Jack issues is $130. And when you consider the above 2 options that will not solve your problem, then self diagnosis is not the answer (not to mention dangerous as you are dealing with power and electricity).

Early diagnosis can save you money as to continue till total failure could damage the motherboard or break the bottom housing of the laptop.

Broken DC Jack

Above is a laptop with a crack internally at the back of the jack where it makes contact with the motherboard. This will cause burning to the main board if left without fix for too long.

Here are a few points to look out for with your laptop DC charging Jack.

  1. If You have to wiggle the power supply connection to get the power light on the laptop to come on.
  1. If you have to hold the jack at a certain angle to get the power to the laptop then something is broken and needs repair.
  1. The laptop was charging ok yesterday but suddenly it no longer works, this is not a failed battery but a DC jack issue.
  1. The case starts to crack around the jack area and things seem loose inside the laptop , then you need the jack checked out by a good tech.

shows a DC Jack removed from a laptop

If you find yourself in any of the above mentioned situations you will need to find a qualified technician to repair your laptop.

DC Jack fitted and fixed

The Electronic Fix in Brisbane has been repairing electronic devices for 30 years so this one is an easy fix for us. That means, huge savings for you. We can fix and repair all types of laptops

  • Acer Laptop Power Jack Repair
  • HP laptop Power Jack and charging port repair
  • ASUS Laptop power jack repair
  • All makes (new or old) all models of laptops fixed professionally

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