MacBook Pro Graphics Card Fix

MacBook Pro Failure due to Graphics Chip

The Macbook Pro’s seem to be plagued with the Graphics chip failure. Just Google Pixalated display or black screen and you will find thousands of people on forums with this same issue. This fault has various different errors or faults anything from:

  • A pink tinge on the screen or display which does get worse with time.
  • Laptop freezing and needs to be hard reset.
  • Laptop not booting up.
  • Laptop boots but the Apple logo seems to be broken or distorted.
  • The display gets vertical lines through it making it difficult to do anything.
  • Laptop will only display a black screen.

Apple Laptop Repair Experts

This problem comes from the heating and cooling cycles of the chip, which in turn cause the solder joints that keep the chip in contact electrically with the logicboard to crack creating a fault that causes the errors. These problems have been around for a long time as far back as 2007 with the Nvidia GPU and the famous Xbox 360 RROD problems.

Apple are replacing the logicboard as a solution but this is a costly option and there are cheaper ways to repair this fault.

How to fix the chip/card

To fix this problem requires the GPU chip to be removed and the solder balls on the underside replaced, but this is not a simple fix. There are not many repair shops capable of carrying out a reball as it requires the correct equipment and much practice to get the process right.

My 1st reball took me 6 months to get it 100% right and cost me 6 Xbox motherboards, the removal of the old solder balls and then getting them lined up 100% is no easy task as there are over 1000 tiny balls that have to be in the correct spot and the whole process takes up to 3hrs to complete.

Make sure it is the Chip/card causing the error

If you want make sure this is the problem before you go taking it anywhere try switching from using the graphics chip to using the integrated graphics. If the problem no longer occurs then you know that it’s graphics chip is the problem. But if it persists it will most likely be the LCD in the screen that is failing and not the graphics chip.

For early signs look for slight distortion in the screen or strange colours coming through when they shouldn’t as well as black lines, really anything that is strange with the screen could be a sign of this. Later signs may consist of the MacBook crashing or boot failures.

Let Us Fix Your MacBook Graphics Card for You

For a fix to this problem there isn’t much you the user can do about it unless you have extensive knowledge about fixing graphics chips but for people who don’t know how to fix graphic chips there is a way. The Electronic Fix will repair the 2011 15″ & 17″ macbook Pro with the Radeon chip problem, these machines have a switchable graphics setup so when the AMD chip fails we remove this and set the mac up to run on the Intel HD chip never to show the graphics problem ever again. Or call (07) 3613 0029 or email us today. We will also give you a warranty of the chip repair so that if for some reason it happens again just bring it right back and we will take care of it for you.