Common iPhone 5 problems and how to fix them

iPhone 5 problems with iOS 8 updates

iPhone 5 Problems: iOS8 Updates, Emails, Not Charging, Battery Life

There are many problems that iphone users have with iOS 8. Please click here for a link to a page with many questions and answers that you might find useful.

iPhone 5 problems with emails

Normally email problems are fixed by resetting the email account under Settings > Mail, Contacts and Calendars and making sure that your email is set correctly. Otherwise you can troubleshoot the problem with the instructions here.

iPhone 5 problems with charging

Problems with charging your iPhone can come under many different categories. It could be something simple like a broken charger or something expensive to replace like the charger port or even the battery. If you are in Brisbane click here for our iPhone 5 repair information.

Apple iPhone 5 battery problems

Your battery can be affected by third party apps, or lots of programs running at the same time from a software point of view. From a hardware point of view the battery could be damaged or could be leaking power. Again there is a lot of information on this so please click here for a link to 11 common iPhone 5 problems.

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