Apple have recently announced an iPhone 5 battery replacement program as there is a percentage of iPhone 5 phones that have battery issues, resulting in the battery running out of charge in a very short period of time. This is not an unheard of scenario, with iOS updates regularly wreaking havoc on iPhone users’ battery life.

Are you eligible for a battery replacement from Apple?

While Apple is offering some users an iPhone 5 battery replacement, there are other users who are ineligible for the free replacement but still suffer from short battery life. For those people, we at The Electronic Fix have a number of solutions to fix your battery’s short life.

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement: Is Your Battery Running Out Very Quickly?


Check your iPhone 5 Serial Number

To see if you are eligible for the Apple replacement option you will need to go to the Apple website and enter your serial number. You can find your serial number on your iPhone under the About Section. Go to Settings > General > About. You can also find the serial number on the box that your iPhone 5 came in, it should be located on the barcode on the box. Finally, you can also get the serial from iTunes – when you connect your device you should be able to go to the Summary section and find your serial number there.

If you are not eligible – Apple says this is an issue that is mostly affecting iPhones purchased between September 2012 and January 2013 – you can have a look at a few software settings to improve battery life.

Software options to improve iPhone 5 battery charge

Firstly, check your iPhones Battery Usage under General > Usage > Battery Usage and look for any apps that have been using an abnormally high amount of battery. We suggest looking at the last 7 days rather than past 24 hours, as this will give a good indication of apps that are causing issues in the background, over time, rather than just for one day.

Secondly, check your push notifications for email. Go to Settings > Mail > Fetch New Data. If you have this set-up for every 15 minutes, your device is going to be using a lot more charge throughout the day. You can reduce the frequency of emails to reduce the battery usage. If things are really bad you can manually check emails intermittently throughout the day.

Thirdly, check your wireless settings. If you have 4G enabled with mobile data and wireless your phone is going to be using a lot of charge connecting to these signals. If you can, switch data roaming off while you are in a wireless zone – the added benefit of this is you will use less mobile data (hopefully saving you some money on bills as well as improving battery life). You can do this by going to Settings > Cellular Data. This will restrict all data to wi-fi.

Finally, look at how bright your screen is. The display brightness can have a huge impact on the battery charge. This can be changed under Settings > Display and Brightness.

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement

If you are not getting at least 8 hours of battery usage from your iPhone you are likely looking at a hardware issue. While the above software options can help you extend your battery life, it is unlikely these actions alone will resolve your battery issues.

At Electronic Fix we offer iPhone 5 battery replacement services that can have your iPhone performing for much longer. Check out our services here.

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