Some common iPhone 4 problems

1. Problems with with iMessages

iMessages is linked through the Apple Servers and your apple account. You will need to disconnect all your devices from iMessages and then reconnect. To fix this on your phone go to Settings iMessages. Turn off iMessages, then reboot your iPhone. If you have an iPad do the same with it. If you have a MacBook also go to  Messages > Preferences >Accounts and turn off iMessages.

Then go back in to all devices and check all of the settings to receive iMessages.

iPhone 4 Problems: iMessages, iOS8, Charging, Black Screen


2. iOS 8 Problems

There are multiple problems that people have with iso 8, 8.1 and 8.2.  So please check this link for more information on the common ios 8 problems:

3. iPhone wont turn on

This is could be due to multiple problems. First the battery could be broken. Secondly your charger could be broken which means you need to purchase a new one. Thirdly your charger port could be broken and finally it could be a combination of all of these. To see how to fix these click here for our repair services for the iPhone 4 in Brisbane.

4. iPhone’s screen goes black

This is normally due to two things. One is that the iPhone’s screen could be broken which means that you will need to get it replaced. Secondly the battery could be broken or thirdly the phone has simply run out of power. If you are not sure about it, scroll to the bottom of the page for a link to frequently asked questions about iPhone repairs.

5. Problems with charging your iPhone

Charging problems are normally attributed to two problems with the iPhone. One is that the phone has had its battery damaged and cannot charge because of it. The second one is the link to the battery has been damaged including but not limited to the charger port on the bottom of the phone and the link from it to the battery. Click here for our repair service if you live in Brisbane.

General iPhone Help

See the link below for the most frequently asked questions about iphone troubleshooting and repairs in general. Includes basic, audio and video and battery and power issues


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