Mac VS Windows

Mac VS Windows: Do You Know the Pros and Cons of Buying Apple & PC Products?



What is the difference between a Mac product and a Windows product? Too many people think they are just different brand computers or laptops with no real difference but after a bit of research you will notice the difference between a Mac and a PC is huge. So here we will be looking at Mac VS Windows and why you would choose a Mac over a PC or a PC over a Mac. Mainly it will be a pros and cons outlook on both systems.

Apple Macintosh 


  • With a Mac it is a lot less likely you will get a virus. In saying that there are Mac viruses out there but there isn’t many of them so the chances of your Mac getting infected is quite slim but as Macs are becoming more and more popular the more virus developers are focusing on the Mac OS.
  • The Mac is a very multimedia based computer meaning it runs very well when it comes to photo editing, movie editing, rendering, music developing and so on. It also is a far better choice of computer when it comes to business, as it is far more secure and far more stable as it is Unix based which means it can handle multitasking and multiuser properties very well, which in a business situation would be very handy.
  • Mac is also very user friendly with easy navigation of the operating system but it will take some getting used to if you have used Windows for the majority of your life. It also can be the best of both worlds for Mac users as a Mac will run both Windows as well as Mac with no troubles at all and for a lot of people that is a huge buying point for a lot of customers.
  • The battery life on a Mac far out-ways that of any laptop, the image below is a graph showing the battery life comparison of a Mac compared to the leading brands of laptops.

As you can see the Mac has a far superior battery life compared to PC laptops.

Mac VS Windows: Do You Know the Pros and Cons of Buying Apple & PC Products?


  • A major con for a Mac is the price factor as these devices cost anywhere form $1000 for the 11” Macbook Air to $2700 for the Macbook Pro.
    There are Laptops and ultra books that do cost in excess of $2000 and the quality is of a very good standard, but most laptops cost way below the $1000 mark.
  • With the latest Macs on the market today there is no option to upgrade, so what you purchase is what you will be stuck with as the Ram is soldered into the board and the hard drive is too expensive to upgrade.
  • The other big disadvantage to owning a mac is the cost of repairs you have to take it back to apple or an authorised repair store and this is always costly as there are limited businesses around that actually repair these devices.

Mac VS Windows: Do You Know the Pros and Cons of Buying Apple & PC Products?

Windows PC


  • A key aspect of a PC is its unlimited upgradability especially when talking about desktops. As technology becomes smarter and better a PC can keep up with it. For example you can upgrade the graphics card on a desktop PC at anytime giving you have the space to fit in and as soon as that card becomes out dated a new one can fit right in its place without any hassles. This upgradability isn’t limited to the graphics cards; any part on a PC can be upgraded to the newest products with ease.
  • The PC is more of a home computer and it is an extremely user friendly and easy for the youngest of ages. This is because over 95% of all programs developed are able to run on a Windows PC so there is no worrying about compatibility issues for PC as basically all programs are made for Windows. Unlike Mac, a PC is the way to go for gaming as all games can run on a PC and the majority won’t run on Mac and the graphic quality is far better on the PC. Which again for a lot of customers will be a big buying point.T
  • The PC is also less costly than a Mac but in saying that a top of the range laptop or say a gaming PC will cost you the same if not more then a Mac but if you aren’t looking at top of the range, then PC is certainly more affordable for the average customer.


  • The main concern for PC/Windows users is that the computer can get viruses or malware infections, this is a big problem for a lot of users.
    The windows based PC requires a lot of maintenance for things like Malware removal as this slows down the computer.

How to choose between a Mac and a PC

When thinking about purchasing a computer or laptop the user needs to look at what they need to achieve or use the P.C for as the bottom of the range $500 computer may be all that is required. At the end of the day if you just want E-mail and the internet then a cheap P.C or laptop will be good enough for this purpose, there is no point in buying an expensive $2000 Macbook Pro or Laptop for that matter.

The Macs have a lot of advantages over the windows counterpart they tend to be designed for graphics and photo editing and have superior graphics as a standard feature, they tend to run faster than a comparable P.C and the quality of the build is  2nd  to none.
There will be one or two Windows programs that need to run on the mac but with virtual machine software costing $60 (Parallels, VM Ware) then this becomes a no issue for the new mac user.

Virus infections are something that do not happen on the Mac for the time being.
The only disadvantage is the cost to purchase and repair, and as a Windows user from day dot the advent of Windows 8 has prompted me to move to a mac something that a lot of Windows users are doing of late.

The Imac and Macbooks are quality built pieces of equipment that are easy to use even though the Windows user will have a steep learning curve they will learn quickly and one thing for sure they will never go back to Windows.

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