How To Uninstall Extensions on Chrome Browser PC's and MacsGoogle’s web browser, Chrome, has come a long way since it was released in 2008. It’s no longer a quirky competitor to the top browsers. Google Chrome has now taken over from Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the most popular web browser in the world—on both PCs and Smartphones.

But with popularity often comes increased issues and the need for troubleshooting. One of the most common questions that users of Google Chrome have is how to uninstall extensions. Reason being—if some of your extensions are out-of-date or acting maliciously, you’ll need to know how to remove them safely.

What are extensions on web browsers?

An extension, sometimes called an ‘add-on’, is a small script or program, usually developed by a third party. However, in the case of Chrome, a lot of extensions are actually developed by Google themselves.

Extensions add extra functionality to your browser to improve your experience. Popular Chrome extensions include things like:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Tag Assistant (checks Google Analytics is working on your web pages)
  • Honey
  • Office
  • Google Keep
  • Momentum Dashboards
  • Google+ Hangouts
  • Pinterest Save Button
  • Grammarly for Chrome.

What are the steps to uninstall an extension in Chrome?

Uninstalling extensions in Chrome is simple—if you know where to look.

Step 1

Open Chrome browser. Duh.

Step 2

A) Look in the top right-hand corner of the browser. If the extension you want to remove has an icon, you can simply click on it, then scroll down to ‘Remove from Chrome…


B) If you don’t see an icon of the extension you want to remove, you need to locate the menu button.

Again, look in the top right-hand corner of the Chrome browser for a button with a little button with 3 small dots aligned vertically (depending on your version, this may look like 3 horizontal lines).

For example: How To Uninstall Extensions In Google Chrome Browser

Step 3

Navigate to the extensions page.

To do this, click on the menu button, then scroll down to More Tools > Extensions.

Step 4

Once you’re on the extensions page, you can either ‘disable’ an extension by un-ticking the ‘enable’ box that corresponds with the app you want to remove.

Or to just delete the extension for good, click on the trash can icon for the particular extension.

Why beware of downloading extensions

Before you download any extension for Google Chrome, make sure you research it and the provider to make sure they’re legitimate.

Most extensions are designed to enhance your web browsing experience by adding functionality. But unfortunately, some extensions are designed to be malicious: to disrupt the functioning of your computer, and even to steal your personal information, such as passwords.

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