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Just because you are using MacBook, iMac or other Apple devices does NOT mean that you have to pay expensive fees for MacBook, MacBook Air or iMac Repairs. Well, at least that is what we believe in here at The Electronic Fix Apple computer and laptop repair specialists here at North Lakes.

We treat each of our valued customers with same level of respect and honesty when proving Mac Repairs in North Lakes Queensland. When most other repairers say it can’t be fixed, we are more than able to fix your Mac Model.

John went the extra mile with us and his service is very reasonably priced. Provided us with the most cost effective fix for our Apple Mac Pro. Very good to work with.

We have years of experience fixing all types of Apple devices (new and older Mac computers (MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhone, iPad, Mac Minis and iMacs) servicing, troubleshooting, repairing or simply upgrading Mac computers

Apple MacBook and iMac Repairs North lakes

Apple Mac Laptop and a Map of North Lakes
If you are having problems with any of your Apple devices in the Moreton Bay Area, then contact The Electronic Fix for a prompt response and affordable upfront fees. Once again, all our repair services are competitively priced whether you have a normal laptop computer or a Mac.

Keep in mind that most typical laptop repairers in Brisbane may either say “we can’t fix your Apple device” or “we need to replace the part”. This usually occurs because most mac repairers are not qualified to work at circuitry level.

Perhaps our name “The Electronic Fix” as trusted Mac Repairs in North Lakes says it all. After all, we specialise in Mac repair at the manufacturing chip level, at tiniest electronic circuitry level.

When other Mac repairers send countless MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs to the land fill due to simple logic board failures, we make sure that your Apple Mac is fixed properly, professionally and affordably.

John was great. Had a problem with my MacBook and he fixed it in a very short amount of time when others said it wasn’t able to be fixed excellent service!!

We can take care of almost any type of Mac device issues from failed hard drives to graphics card repairs to Macbook Pro screen replacement in Brisbane. All our valued customers appreciate our approach begining with explaining what, how, and upfront fixed service rates when fixing Mac computers.

Contact Us for All Types of Mac Repairs in North Lakes

For Prompt and Affordable Mac Repair Service

  • Mac not powering on, slow to boot or freezing at boot time
  • Liquid spills to laptop and macbooks
  • RAM and HDD upgrades. Apple SSD blade drive replacement
  • Macbook Pro LCD replacement. Macbook graphics repairs
  • OSX upgrades and installation. Apple Mac data recovery
  • Logicboard repairs and imac screen replacement
  • Macbook Speaker replacement
  • Random Wi-Fi dropouts fixed. Wi-Fi repairs
  • iMac or MacBook won’t shut down correctly? We can fix it
  • Macbook and IMAC power supply replacement. MacBook won’t charge? We can fix battery power problems
  • We’ll repair all types of Mac Problems

We keep stock on hand, depending on the problem, we may already have the exact part your Apple device needs to work efficiently. Not only can we repair the internal circuits, with us, there are no lengthy delays waiting for fixes and parts.

For Affordable Mac Repair Service in North Lakes

How to Troubleshoot Common Mac Problems

Just like any other computer device, identifying common computer problems work along the same lines when troubleshooting. We’ve outlined some basics steps for you to consider to learn more about fixing Apple Macs

When Your Mac Doesn’t Turn On

  • Press the power button on your Mac. Every Mac has a power button, usually marked with a power symbol (listen for Sounds and look out for lights (Caps Lock, backlit keyboard etc.))
  • Is the power switched on at the back of the computer?
  • Make sure that your power cable is undamaged and securely plugged into your Mac and a working power point. If you aren’t sure about the power point, test it with a lamp or other device.
  • If you’re using a Mac notebook, make sure that it’s using the correct power cable and adapter, and that it has been plugged in for about 5 minutes, which is long enough to provide a usable battery charge. Contact (07) 3613 0029 The Electronic Fix for troubleshooting USB-C power adaptors or MagSafe power adapters
  • Try a different power outlet around your home
  • Press and hold the power button on your Mac for 10 seconds, then press it again
  • Make sure that your display’s brightness is turned up. Mac notebook computers have a Brightness Up key on the built-in keyboard
  • Unplug all accessories from your Mac, including printers, drives, USB hubs and mobile devices. (You could have an issue with one or more of those devices or their cables.) Once more, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, then press it again
  • Press and hold the power button on your Mac for 10 seconds, then press it again
  • When these troubleshooting methods don’t work, contact us for professional advice

Sometimes after a few years of using your Mac, you may notice that the battery isn’t holding its charge anymore. Bring it in to our repair shop as we stock most batteries for various Mac Models.

North Lakes Trusted Mac Computer Repairer

iMac or Macbook Running Slow

iMacs and MacBook’s can run for years and years without any issues. In fact, Apple Computers are well known for their durability and longevity. However, after a while you may find that your iMac is running slow or can’t even get past beyond the loading screen. This is a common problem with iMac after few years of operation, this usually means your hard drive is failing or has failed.

We can install the latest solid-state hard drives making your computer even faster than before. Customers often upgrade to the latest Solid State Drive even if their hard drive hasn’t failed just to get the speed it SSD offers. Keep in mind that any Operating System be it macOS or Windows can benefit from a SSD upgrade.

Fixing iMac or MacBook with Graphics Problems

Sometimes you may see that your Mac has a white screen, this can be a graphics issue and if you bring it in we can check it as we can repair most graphics faults on Macs. This repair can be done on the iMacs and MacBooks, depending on the model, but the 2011 model is a common one to get fixed because of this particular graphics fault. Our repair work can extend the life of you Mac by additional few years.

Macbook Keyboard Repairs

Macbook Keyboard Repairs
Is your MacBook keyboard playing up? We can replace the keyboard with a new one as we have stock for most Macbook models. Keyboard issues sometimes starts off with a few clusters of keys failing, but eventually it will get worse and you will need a new keyboard. This is not an expensive fix, especially if you repair it early, call (07) 3613 0029 for a quote.

Macbook Pro or MacBook Air Liquid Spill

We also repair many liquid damaged devices in North Lakes. If you have dropped liquid onto your MacBook, bring it in as soon as possible for a thorough clean up. The sooner you bring it in the more likely it can be repaired without you incurring further damage.

We will safely disconnect your battery and clean your logic board through an ultrasonic cleaning bath, and we have a great success rate, provided it is brought in for repairs quickly.

Always remember ‘should you find yourself with the unfortunate event of spilling liquids on to your computer device’ immediately turn the power off, and also it is very important to keep your MacBook switched off till its fixed. Electronics and liquid do not mix together, for it causes potentially fatal hazards.

North Lake Residents: is Your iMac, MacBook, or Mac mini Still Under Warranty?

If you purchased your Apple Device recently and its still covered under manufacturer’s warranty, then, you are in luck because you can take it back into the Apple store of your purchase, and they’ll usually fix it for free for you. For all out of warranty iMac, MacBook, or Mac mini repairs and upgrades contact us here at The Electronic Fix

North Lakes Number 1 Choice for Repairing Macs

We repair and upgrade various Apple Mac computers in North Lakes, our main difference is that we offer great customer service, competitive rates and upfront quotes, as a result our valued customers say:

Had my MacBook Pro fixed, very happy with the service, quality and the price.

Apple Computers Repaired in North Lakes Affordably
Trusted Mac Repair Service in North Lakes

Other Computer Laptop Issues We Fix in Brisbane North Lakes

  • Memory and Solid state hard drive upgrades
  • Hard drive installation and data recovery
  • MacBook operating system installation
  • Keyboard and touch-pad repairs
  • Power Jack repair
  • Motherboard repairs
  • LCD screen, Inverter and Laptop Hinge repairs
  • Backlight issues
  • Computer Malware or Virus removal
  • Battery replacement. Cracked Screens fixed
  • Laptop computer part repairs and replacement

John did a great job fixing my MacBook Air late last year. I am still so happy with it, I am so relieved I took it to “The Electronic Fix” to have a look at as I was about to dump it & have to buy a cheapo for my studies. I have been recommending John to others in need.