Laptop Repairs North Lakes

If you own a laptop repair business in Brisbane, then you understand that keeping and acquiring valued customers is much more than fixing or changing faulty parts of a laptop for repairs.

Even if you’re the best laptop computer repair technician in North Lakes, it’s nearly impossible to keep a business operating without that good old fashioned quality customer service. That is why, when you need Laptop Repairs in North Lakes, you can’t overlook our customer service and competitive rates for fixing laptops. Here’s what we believe you want when repairing your laptop device:

Non Confusing Upfront Pricing for Fixing Laptops

Yes, we are fully aware that some computer repairers (including those who claim to be cheapest, or no fix no charge type of services) aren’t cheap at all. Meaning, you won’t appreciate if a laptop repairmen quoted you, let’s say $250 and yet charged you $450 when the repairs are completed. Basically, all our valued customers want honest, affordable UPFRONT fees so that there aren’t any nasty / expensive surprises.

That is why, our rates are fixed at $125 / hour and most jobs will be completed in the first hour. If the job is more complex then we will quote you a total repair cost UPFRONT so that you know exactly what the laptop repair will cost before you get us to fix it. Did we mention that our repair rates are also the most competitive anywhere in Brisbane including North Lakes

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Get Better Customer Service & Professional North Lakes Laptop Repairs

Here’s the truth, most mobile laptop repair service providers in North Lakes have little technical knowledge about electronic devices, also, most aren’t qualified to offer laptop repair services. Just as you wouldn’t trust a bicycle repairer to fix your vehicle, nor should you choose a fly-by-night unqualified laptop computer repairers. After all, we are dealing with sensitive electronical components which can be damaged further if not handled properly.

Here at The Electronic Fix, you’ll get professional technicians with years of experience when repairing your laptop. Couple that with our state of the art modern tools, fast turnaround times and affordable solutions, means that we offer you professional solutions. But let’s not ignore that great customer service

Quick inspection of my ssd harddrive! Took less than 5 minutes and very friendly staff!! Can recommend

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Common Laptop Problems We Can Fix for You

  • Laptop slow, freezing up or not booting. Random shutdowns. We’ll repair it fast
  • Software Issues. Networking or Internet issues
  • Blue Screen Errors. No boot device error
  • Hard Drive repairs. Data recovery. Computer virus removal
  • Windows errors. Windows update errors
  • Laptop upgrades. Hardware problems solved. Laptop part repairs or replacement
  • Laptop cracked screen
  • Laptop Hinge repairs. Laptop DC Jack repairs

The Electronic Fix is certainly 5-Star in every way. Outstanding service, technical expertise that I can only describe as genius, extremely reasonable rates, and a husband and wife team that are very personable, helpful, and communicated at all times about what was happening with my computer. You can have total confidence in The Electronic Fix. If you have a computer problem, then this is THE only place to go to. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you John & Di. You are amazing!

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Laptop Operating System Problems Repaired in North Lakes Queensland

When your laptop decides not to start up, this is one of the most common problems and it can be due to a number of reasons. One day it may be working fine and the next it will just not start up. You may get an error message telling you that the disk is a non-system disk or a disk error on the screen.

This type of error means that your laptop cannot find the operating system (Windows) to start your laptop. A laptop that does not start up could be anything from a virus issue to a corrupt hard drive. We can diagnose the fault for you and have you up and computing in no time.

Your laptop may also start displaying a Blue Screen, which is often called BSOD, you will have an error message with a code that indicates this problem. The Electronic Fix can explain this in simple English terms, not like the technical jargon one finds on the Internet. Our knowledgeable and friendly laptop repair technicians for North Lakes residents can offer advice to sort out this problem for you.

Laptop Not Turning On? We’ll Make Sure That Its Fixed

When your laptop is not turning on, it could be due to a few different reasons. To begin with, check to see if your battery is failing, double check for a faulty charger or a failed DC Jack.

At The Electronic Fix we can diagnose this fault quickly using our tools. We can test your charger on the spot and if that is working fine we can determine if your battery has failed or your dc jack is faulty. These laptop problems are all fixable and all repairs are done onsite. More complex problems? No worries because we can most certainly repair it at our Brisbane repair workshop.
Laptop Repairs North Lakes Queensland Australia

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Laptop Screen Cracked? We Can Replace It Affordably

Did you know that you do not need to buy a new laptop just because the laptop screen is cracked. We can replace the LCD screen saving you $$$’s. Also, since we stock most common laptop screens in store, depending on your laptop model, we may fix it straight away, or we simply can order a new one for you and then replace it. Touch Screens can be more expensive than the non touch screens, however, it still is cheaper than purchasing a new laptop.

We can repair wide range of brands of laptops including, Asus, Dell, Acer, Compaq, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, MacBook and many others. Simply call (07) 3613 0029 to find out more as we offer you better laptop repairs in North Lakes Queensland

Viruses Removed from Your Laptop

If your laptop has been running slow or generally just playing up, or pop up seem to just pop up with concerning “Warning Messages” your laptop device may have a virus or be at risk of getting one.

We can run thorough deep scans to remove Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, and Adware and also advise you on a suitable protection for your laptop device. We can also recommend freely available Anti-Virus software which you can confidently use.