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Ask us anything related to “computer repairs, parts, replacement or computer upgrades” and we’ll answer you from experience. If for some unknown reason we aren’t able to do so, then, we’ll find the answer and still provide to you. Because technology and fixing computers is our passion. That is why we love what we do and our valued customers say that we are outstanding at it.

Exceptional! And this is why: The battery of my laptop was not charging anymore. John carefully inspected the battery, the jack, the charger, and made several tests. While other experts could have suggested me to buy a new battery and/or charger, he find out that the issue came from my Europe/Aus adapter. He gave me this precious service for free and… even offered me a new battery that he found “this morning in the back room”. Thank you so much John.

Living in Redcliffe and Need Your Computer Repaired?

Here at The Electronic Fix, we are happy to help you with Computer and Laptop repairs, Apple Mac repairs, upgrades, servicing and maintenance. Since we’ve been in the electronics and computer business for many years serving our valued customers in Brisbane, our expertise to do your job to the highest standard is assured.

Many customers have their personal computer’s and laptop’s for many years without it ever causing any problems. However once they start to run slow or begin to overheat, taking it into a computer repair shop for an inspection is a smart idea because you probably don’t need to purchase a new computer.

We understand how important your computer devices are in today’s modern living, as a result we strive to get all repair tasks completed as quickly as possible without cutting corners in quality of workmanship.

All technicians who work with us are highly skilled, certified and trained according to our strict customer service policies. We provide professional advice for computer repairs, services and also to choose new systems as per your specific requirements.

Our experience tells us that all our valued customers including the ones in Redcliffe are looking for 3 main qualities:

  1. Honest answers, fast and least expensive repair options
  2. Upfront competitively priced quotes without nasty suprises
  3. Highest quality workmanship

We are proud to be able to offer you all that and then some

The Electronic Fix is certainly 5-Star in every way. Outstanding service, technical expertise that I can only describe as genius, extremely reasonable rates, and a husband and wife team that are very personable, helpful, and communicated at all times about what was happening with my computer. You can have total confidence in The Electronic Fix. If you have a computer problem, then this is THE only place to go to. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you John & Di. You are amazing!

Redcliffe’s better choice for computer repairs

Professional and Cost-Effective Computer Repairs in Redcliffe Brisbane

When you need highly experience tech person who is able to quickly understand the problem at hand, provide simplified answers that you can understand, and to help you to resolve your desktop computer and or laptop issues effectively. We’re here to help, simply call (07) 3613 0029
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With our many years of diagnosing faults and repairing computers throughout Brisbane Australia, we are sure to find the fault with your computer quickly. We understand that you cannot be without your computer for too long (especially when its used for work, business, or studies), as a result, we work very effeciently to diagnose and fix your system so that we can get your computer back to you in fastest possible times.

Let’s be honest, there are many distinct parts within a computer system, all or each can cause problems. We do our best to provide upfront repair quotes by just you detailing the problem, however sometimes a diagnostic is required, and we do charge a diagnostic fee of $69.00 which will always come off your repair quote when you decide to use our computer repair services in Redcliffe.

Keep in mind that when you hire us to repair your computer device, we’ll minus the ‘diagnostic fee of $69.00’. This in actuality means that you pay nothing for diagnostics when you hire us.

Computer Running Slow? Let’s Speed It Up

Sometimes your computer can start to run slow, in fact you may start to get used to it until you reach a point when you know it’s too slow to work with.

The most common fault for your computer running slow is a failed/failing hard drive. We have professional equipment to test your hard drive and advise you if your hard drive has failed. We offer the latest SSD (Solid State Drive), which makes your computer super fast. Many of our valued customer simply upgrade their hard drives to the latest SS hard drives simply for the speed, even if their hard drive was working fine.

Basically, most often times when a computer device works too slow, there is no need to purchase a new computer, repair the hard drive issues or even tweak the software to run faster. Because once your hard drive has been replaced you are back to having a fast computer to use for many more years.
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Computer Getting Too Hot?

If you find that your computer is getting very hot or shutting down unexpectedly, this can be an overheating problem usually caused by dust build up, or a fan failure.

Here at The Electronic Fix we can assist you by cleaning out your computer’s internal components and fans, re-grease your CPU so that it will work a lot cooler and therefore not shut down.

When a Computer Has Strange Pop-Ups

Sometimes you may notice little pop up windows show up on the Windows Desktop, or when surfing the internet, as a result your computer starts to run slow or even is not usable. This is a common problem faced by most Australians and it may mean that your device is infected by a computer virus.

We offer a service to remove viruses, malware, adware and spyware by running deep scans making sure your computer is free from such problem.

Each Year Scammers are Targeting Fellow Australians through Computers, Emails & The Internet

According to the latest statistics on ScamWatch, type of scams are becoming even more sneaky (usually by overseas scammers) using technology to scam vulnerable victims (including our senior citizens).

Best way to combat such problems is to familiarise yourself with correct use of technology (including, computers, internet, email, smartphones, and tablets). We’ve put together important steps for you to keep in mind when interacting with technology.

  • Always update your operating system (best option is to setup Windows auto-update feature)
  • Install and use anti virus and internet security software
  • Do Not download files from unknown sources
  • Do Not press on links in emails. Do not press on links on SMS messages (including the ones sent to your smartphone)
  • Do Not give out your personal information on unfamiliar websites or over the phone (many scammers usually from overseas countries like India or Philippines are targeting Australian citizens)
  • When surfing the internet or buying items online, make sure the website domain address includes ‘s’ in the https: sequence
  • Get professional computer security audits and system check ups. We can perform full security audits on your Desktop and laptop devices as well as remove persistent computer viruses. Call us (07) 3613 0029

Computer Not Turning On Due to Power Failure

When you find that your computer is not turning on, it could be because your power supply has failed internally. This is quick fix, simply get in touch with us in Redcliffe and your computer will be back up running again in no time.
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Computer Insurance Reports

If your computer has suffered a spike / power surge or you have damaged it accidentally we can assist with an insurance report. We charge an inspection fee for the diagnostics and report and we can send this report off to your insurance company for you if required. Your insurance company will refund the inspection/report fee. Always check with your insurance company first and also check your excess before deciding to make a claim.
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Data Recovery

There is nothing worse than losing access to important data on a computer. Be it your important work files, homework or just motionless memories ‘photos’. When you are having trouble reading the data off your computer, or lost data from your hard drive, our specialised equipment and expertise can retrieve the data through our data recovery service in Brisbane

We offer many other computer related services including
  • Custom Computer Systems (Business, High-End Gaming, or Budget PC’s) Built
  • RAM upgrades. SSD upgrades
  • Data recovery. Data backup
  • Transfer of data onto a new computer
  • Internal clean. Computer Tune-up
  • Power supply replacements
  • Malware & Virus removal
  • Software installations. Software compatibility issues fixed
  • Windows errors/installations
  • Video card replacement and upgrades (Radeon and or NVIDIA). Cross Fire Setup
  • Computer training and support services