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When looking for computer repairs North Lakes Queensland, we understand that your computer device is an important tool that needs to operate without problems. Whether your computer system is used for work, study or for personal use, our aim is to fix computer problems quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

Although there are other computer repairers in North Lakes, what makes our services different is our honesty and down to earth friendly approach fixing computers and laptops. We also provide our valued customers upfront fees which are very competitive. Basically, operating a computer repair service for many years has taught us that professionalism is much more than fixing computer devices or changing faulty parts. It all boils down to “honesty”.

Honesty is a Must Always. This is True When Repairing Computers As Well

We hold dear this single word in all our work. At its basic understanding, when you hire us for any type of computer repair work in Brisbane, we never confuse our valued customers with techno-jargon talk, also, we make sure that a computer is fixed without our valued customers requiring additional (unneeded work).

For example: we have many spare parts at our disposal, and should we identify a problem with the Graphics Card of your system, we can get your device working perfectly using our parts instead of trying to sell you an expensive graphics card which could cost hundreds of $$$

Unlike some other computer repairs in North Lakes who usually quote cheap sounding rates only to charge you expensive final fee, we fix exactly the problem. To ensure that our valued customers pay affordable rates, we provide upfront quotes while making sure that we follow the least expensive option to get your computer working at its best.
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For Better Computer and Laptop Repair Service in North Lakes

We service all types of computer models. Our computer related services include Hardware Repair or Replacements, New System Built and Setup, Data Backup and Recovery, Software installations and Email setup, Computer Use Training for senior Queenslanders, Router setup and or upgrades, Network Setup (including LAN and Wireless) and configuration, security audits and advice.

Let’s face it, just because a person can put together PC parts such as a motherboard, CPU, power supply, or RAM doesn’t qualify them as a professional computer repair technician. And because we’ll be working with highly sensitive electronical components, you’d rather get fully qualified and highly experienced technicians working on your computer.

Serving our local North Lakes Brisbane community for over 30 years fixing, maintaining and repairing computers and electronics we continually strive to provide excellent computer repair services to all our valued customers

I had a problem with my touch-screen on an ASUS notebook. I first took it to my local computer place in Lismore, and because they couldn’t open the screen case, they said they couldn’t fix it. I thought there had to be someone around who could. I searched and found John at The Electronic Fix. He was able to replace the screen and also replaced a faulty battery. John explained the pros and cons of touch screens and on how to charge the battery properly. He and his wife were very friendly, courteous and passed on a lot of information about the ASUS notepad.
I would recommend John at The Electronic Fix for anything relating to PCs.

For Outstanding Computer Repair Service in North Lakes

The Electronic Fix Advice for Computer Security for Fellow Australians

  • Always update your operating system (best option is to setup Windows auto-update feature)
  • Install and use anti virus and internet security software
  • Do Not download files from unknown sources
  • Do Not press on links in emails. Do not press on links on SMS messages (including the ones sent to your smartphone)
  • Do Not give out your personal information on unfamiliar websites or over the phone (many scammers usually from overseas countries like India or Philippines are targeting Australian citizens)
  • When surfing the internet or buying items online, make sure the website domain address includes ‘s’ in the https: sequence
  • Get professional computer security audits and system check ups (we can perform full security audits on your Desktop and laptop devices). Call us (07) 3613 0029

The Electronic Fix is certainly 5-Star in every way. Outstanding service, technical expertise that I can only describe as genius, extremely reasonable rates, and a husband and wife team that are very personable, helpful, and communicated at all times about what was happening with my computer. You can have total confidence in The Electronic Fix. If you have a computer problem, then this is THE only place to go to. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you John & Di. You are amazing!

We Fix All Computer Problems Including Apple Mac Repairs in North Lakes

Computers have become an essential part of our lives for simple things like Banking, school work, Uni Assignments, online study, gaming, contacting family and even running a business. The last thing that you need is to have your computer shutdown or freezing up when you are trying to get things done. We can come out to you as we are mobile in the North Lakes / Redcliffe areas offering prompt computer repair service

Our fast turn around times for all computer and laptop repairs as well as expert technicians for repairing Apple devices such as Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac or Mac Mini. Means that we are trusted professionals you can also rely on.

  • Computer operating too slow, freezing up or not booting or shutting down randomly
  • Computer has a virus. Virus and Spyware removal. Networking or Internet issues
  • Hard Disk Drive repairs. Data recovery. HDD Upgrades
  • Windows errors. PC doesn’t start at all. Hardware problems solved
  • Computer part repairs, replacement, or upgrades

Computers Repaired in North Lakes Professionally

Laptop Repairs North Lakes Queensland Australia

What Causes Computers Not to Start

A computer not starting up is one of the most common problems people have with their computers, one day your computer is perfectly with no issues, and the next day out of the blue it just will not start up.

You may get an error message when you try to boot your machine that tells you that the disk is a (non system disk) or you get a disk error message on the screen, this type of error is a critical error and means that the computer can’t find the operating system (Windows) to start your P.C.

A non system disk means that you have a problem with your hard drive, but not to worry because our computer technicians are experts in recovering your data in such situations. We can recover your data and replace the hard drive with a new one and re-transfer the data. Our skilled technicians can provide sound advice on the best course of action to follow to resolve this type of computer problem.

Sometimes Windows operating system will stop working altogether, and all it displays is a Blue Screen (also known as BSOD) with an error message that won’t make sense if you’re not familiar with computer errors. This type of start up problem can indicate hardware or even software failure.

When a computer that does not start, it could be anything from a virus causing an issue, to a corrupt hardware driver. Other problems could be power unit voltage, faulty RAM, even a loose plug on the back of a computer can cause startup issues

Check These When a Computer Does Not Power On

  • Is the power switched on at the back of the computer
  • If using a power board with other devices, unplug all the rest but only use the computer power supply to see what happens
  • Try a different power outlet around your home
  • Check power connection at the rear of the computer, make sure its tightly in place
  • Check other connections at the rear of the computer, make sure everything is tightly connected to rear ports

Promptly Repairing Computers in North Lakes

PC Making Noises

If your computer device starts emitting noises that are not normally heard, or makes unusual sounds, then investigate:

  • The case cooling fan
  • CPU fan
  • Power supply fan
  • Graphics card fan
  • Hard drives sockets and screws
  • CD / DVD drive loose

A noisy fan on a power supply means a new power unit may be needed to fix the problem. Noisy fan on the CPU will require removing of the CPU and the fan (re-apply thermal paste) and re-insert the CPU to avoid further damage. A hard drive with a ticking noise could simply mean it has a loose screw, or it could also mean the internal parts of HDD is faulty.

If a fan suddenly starts to run louder than usual, this is an indication that something is definitely wrong and needs further diagnostics. Keep in mind that temperature is an important factor for computer operations as they are there to keep computer components cool. Heat can destroy the sensitive electrical parts within a computer. We strongly advice that you get in touch with our friendly technicians who are experts at diagnosing and repairing all PC problems in North Lakes

Computer Running Slow or Window OS Freezes Up Operations

One of the most common complaint of Windows users is “My computer is running slow”. If your computer is slow or is freezing up, although this could indicate various problems, usually computer is outdated and requires an upgrade.

Other causes for slow computers can be a virus or malware infection, a faulty graphics card or a failing hard drive could also be the problem. Furthermore, hardware failures or inadequate memory (RAM), CPU or power supply may be the problem.

For all your laptop repairMac repairComputer repairScreen replacementsiphone, ipad and ipod repair needs in North Lakes, call us on (07) 3613 0029 or contact us via email for a better computer and laptop repair service in Brisbane