Liquid damaged Mac repairs

Have you recently spilt liquid on or into any of your devices?Liquid Damaged Mac Repairs

We see this sort of problem on a daily basis. Coffee, beer, wine, soda or water spilt onto the keyboard will then move through the laptop and sit on the Logicboard, where it will cause corrosion and damage to the board traces or components as the battery is still connected. We all know that liquid and electricity do not mix.

What should you do when you spill liquid on your electronic device, then?


Take your device to a professional today. Tomorrow may be too late.

The best advice here is to switch the device off, wipe it dry and take it to someone who can strip it and take the necessary steps to remove the liquid inside promptly.

Our customers often bring faulty devices that end up being liquid damaged from several months ago because they have not been dried properly and still worked for some time. These devices can cost anywhere from $2500 to $1000 to replace if damaged, or they are no longer repairable. It is only sensible to have them looked at by a professional as soon as possible, rather than take the risk of an immanent failure later down the line.

If you have a laptop and you spill liquid onto the keyboard, here is what you should do:

  • Remove the battery (if it has a removable battery)
  • Get some paper towels or a dishcloth and put it evenly across the keyboard
  • Then close the screen down and flip the laptop over so that the keyboard is facing down or you are looking at the bottom of your laptop.
  • Get on the internet and find someone who can strip and clean the excess liquid from the internals of your laptop.

This will allow any excess liquid to run out of the laptop and not into it and then onto the motherboard, as after a few days, or even hours in some cases, with battery connected, corrosion will start and the damage will become extensive.

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DIY remedies that do not work

When you search on the Internet, the best advice available is to cover the device in rice. We have had people bring in mobile phones in a shopping bag full of rice or laptops that when opened are filled with rice.

I have to dispel the rice theory. You can try this on a kitchen counter with a spot of water and a few grains of rice. After a few hours the water is still present and the rice still hard. Rice absorbs water only if you boil it, but not in room temperature.

liquid damaged mac repairs

Note the grains of rice stuck in the Macbook Air above even after the Logicboard was removed. Lucky for the owner, this laptop was repaired as the damage was only 1 day old.

There is also a substance called silica gel, which absorbs moisture and can be reused by heating it up to remove the moisture that it has absorbed, but this is not a freely available product that can be easily purchased.

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How are we going to fix your liquid damaged laptop?

The best course of action is to have the laptop or phone stripped and then cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaning bath. This will remove all liquid from the Logicboard, then steeped in a 100% alcohol solution to remove or displace the cleaning solution before being dried in a drier to evaporate the alcohol.
If there has been no damage to the Logicboard, this will be all that is required to get your laptop back in action.

If the Logicboard is damaged, there is a good chance your laptop can still be repaired, but in some cases this may not be possible. If the damage is excessive, the repair time will increase significantly and it will become uneconomical.

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