There are a few things to look for as a customer when you are trying to choose a good computer repairer.

Quick checklist for a computer repair service

How to Choose a Computer Repair Service and Company: This is What to Check For

Are they a registered business?
Do they have an ABN?
Do they have a premises?
Do they have a shop front?
Do they have a warranty on repairs?
Do they charge for quotes?
Do they offer Pickup / delivery?
Do they come to your home / office?
What are their turnaround times like?



What to research before choosing a computer repair service/company

  • The best way to find a good repairer is by getting referred from someone who has used them in the past, as if they have had a bad experience then they will not recommend that business to you.
  • Always phone around for estimate prices for your specific repair or problem, as most repairers will or should be able to quote you a cost upfront.
  • Try to go with someone who will give you a fixed price so that you know how much you will be up for before the job starts.
  • Check if the business have a premises or shop front, as you could be giving your $2500 iMac to someone who you may never see again. So it is a good idea to check them out on the internet to see their details as a lot of these guys use virtual offices with addresses in the city center that are not actually their address.
  • How easy it is to get in contact with this business, do you always get message back when you call them or does the call get answered promptly?
  • A big one is also the warranty period offered for any repairs that are carried out for you, most repairers should offer a minimum of 3 months.
  • If you are in a hurry, make sure to tell them this, as some repairers will ask for an additional fee to give priority service.
  • Check the turnaround times on the repair.

At The Electronic Fix we meet all of the above criteria; we offer a reliable, honest, friendly and prompt service to all of our customers.

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  1. Thanks for recent repair to my MacBook Pro logic board. Great value. Professionally done. I can highly recommend these company. John is a highly experienced electronics professional and has the proper equipment for micro-chip level repair. And right here in Brisbane 🙂 beats the Apple shop hands down.

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