Internet Safety Device: Protect Your Family Online

With the ever-present dangers of online predators possibly targeting your family, Internet safety is now becoming a concern for all parents.  We have a new device that will allow you to teach your children what is allowed and what is dangerous on the Internet.

Our Internet safety device

This simple to use device will give you the ability to block unwanted websites like Facebook, Tinder or any other site. It has pre defined categories that will allow you to block all traffic to certain Sites for example the violence category will block all sites of this nature.

You can also check to see what sites are being visited on a per device basis as you can setup policies for different users, and it does not matter the device can be a laptop, PC, Tablet, Phone, game console, a Windows or Apple device.

You also have the ability to limit internet time on a per device basis and create custom user profiles.

Contact us about our Internet safety device

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